Most Solo Traffic Is Thumped, Kicked, And Battered To Death.

Many so called “traffic vendors” have beat up lists, mailing 3-4 times a day just to get that click.

This means low engagement and poor results for clients. And the leads they have on these lists…..

It’s likely these leads are on up to 100 other lists, and the solo vendors are all sharing these same leads and lists….which sucks!

Pesky Resellers Who Want A Quick Buck.

Most “Solo Ad Vendors” don’t actually send 100% of the traffic from their lists. They use unethical Pages, Multiple tabs opening with your link, and some real shady methods, just to get that click.

When they do send from their hammered lists, they use false subject lines and swipes that unethically makes the lead click your link. Ever seen the old “You Received A Payment” Or “Click Here To Receive Your Payment” emails? It’s garbage traffic that is falsely pushed into clicking.

Dirty Scripts and Bot Traffic.

Because of advancements in coding and programing, 2018 saw a huge increase in the amount of undetectable bot traffic being sent to unsuspecting traffic buyers. This WILL continue through to 2019 and beyond.

The dirty scripts add fake leads into your autoresponders and look completely genuine, when really you are adding nothing but thin air to your lists.

You Simply Can’t Scale And Grow.

If you are lucky enough to find a genuine solo ad seller, they can only send a certain amount of unique traffic, because they only have a certain list size that they can send your link to. They only have a limited amount of traffic!

To truly scale, you need fresh unique traffic every time you run a campaign.

Fake Testimonials and Scam Groups.

Facebook groups sometimes be a bad place to find a Solo Ad Vendor. Why?

These groups are active with gangs of sellers, who all leave each other fake testimonials, to try and boost their credibility . Sad, but very true. This is happening every single day so watch out!